BMW CAS EWS ECU Editors + Synchronisation: Professional Software for Auto-Locksmiths


Elevate your BMW experience with our BMW CAS EWS ECU Editors + Synchronisation Software. Edit CAS via dump file, program keys, and adjust mileage securely. Exclusively for auto-locksmith professionals. Download now!

BMW CAS EWS ECU Editors + Synchronisation Software for Auto-Locksmiths - Stealth Car Accessories
BMW CAS EWS ECU Editors + Synchronisation: Professional Software for Auto-Locksmiths $19.99

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Enhance your BMW diagnostic and programming capabilities with our BMW CAS EWS ECU Editors + Synchronisation Software, specifically designed for professional auto-locksmiths. To maximize the functionality of this software, we recommend using it with the following compatible OBD cables/interfaces:

  1. BMW K+DCAN FTDI FT232RL OBD2 Diagnostic Cable With Switch:
    • This cable is essential for connecting your computer to the OBD port in your BMW. The FTDI FT232RL chipset ensures reliable and fast communication between your device and the vehicle.
  2. BMW ICOM NEXT Dealership-Level Diagnostics & Programming Tool:
    • For a comprehensive and dealership-level experience, the BMW ICOM NEXT is highly recommended. This interface provides advanced diagnostics and programming capabilities, ensuring seamless communication with your BMW’s electronic control units (ECUs).

Please note that these cables/interfaces are not included with the software and need to be purchased separately for optimal performance. Ensure that you have the correct cables/interfaces to establish a stable connection between your computer and the vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Edit CAS via Dump File Only: Take complete control of your BMWโ€™s CAS (Car Access System) with precision edits using a dump file, ensuring optimal customization to your vehicleโ€™s unique specifications.
  • CAS4 Mileage Tool Included: Program new keys or effortlessly adjust mileage with the included CAS4 Mileage Tool, adding versatility to your BMWโ€™s capabilities.
  • Secure Download From Google Drive: Enjoy a secure download link sent to your eBay inbox within 24 hours of purchase, providing quick access to our professional-level software.
  • Professional Level Auto-Locksmith Software: Crafted for auto-locksmiths, this software meets the highest industry standards. Trust Stealth Car Accessories for cutting-edge solutions.

Note: This product is exclusively for professional use. For any queries regarding compatibility or technical details, please contact us before purchase. No physical item will be sent.


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