Prime Drink Bottle Plush – Soft Squeeze Collectible


Unleash the joy of soft squeezable fun with the limited edition Prime Drink Bottle Plush. Exclusively designed for Stealth Car Accessories, this 23cm collectible is crafted from premium plush. A delightful addition to any collection!

Prime Drink Bottle Plush
Prime Drink Bottle Plush - Soft Squeeze Collectible $9.36$44.99
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6pcs Complete Collection (All Flavours/Colours)Blue Rasberry (Blue)Grape (Purple)Ice Pop (Red, White, Blue)Lemon Lime (Green)Strawberry Watermelon (Pink)White (Meta Moon)

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Introducing the Prime Drink Bottle Plush, a rare collectible crafted for enthusiasts of soft, squeezable companionship. Exclusive to Stealth Car Accessories, this limited edition plushie seamlessly blends the worlds of energy and sports drinks into a delightful 23cm creation.

Meticulously made from premium plush and filled with soft PP cotton, this plushie transcends the realm of mere toys; it’s a unique statement piece. Embrace the whimsical charm and impeccable detailing that make this plushie a must-have for collectors and fans alike.

In flawless condition and 100% brand new, this plushie is poised to grace your collection or make for the perfect gift. Elevate your soft toy experience with the Prime Drink Bottle Plush, available exclusively at Stealth Car Accessories.

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6pcs Complete Collection (All Flavours/Colours), Blue Rasberry (Blue), Grape (Purple), Ice Pop (Red, White, Blue), Lemon Lime (Green), Strawberry Watermelon (Pink), White (Meta Moon)


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